Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a CRT member?

If you’re studying at the University of Thessaly in one of the departments of mechanical engineering, architecture engineering, electrical engineering, or economics, with one year of your studies completed, you can apply your form during the recruitment periods and we will be happy to have you as part of our team.

When was CRT founded?

The team has been active since 2009. That means 12 years and counting!

How many race cars has CRT made?

We have made 7 race cars and were ready to make a new one!

What does the R after the race car's name mean?

The R after a race car’s name means that this race car is the evolution of the previous one. The R makes it different but not a brand new race car.

How does the team work?

The team works in 8 sub-teams.The study areas of the team are aerodynamics, engine, composite materials, suspension, electrical and promotion and management. Before COVID-19 the team worked in the lab, being able to cooperate and do the research more easily, now the team works harder from home and it’s ready to get in the lab with all the protection needed to stay safe.

How many competitions has CRT attended?

The team has taken part in 14 competitions, with many important placements in most of them!

How can I contact CRT?

You can contact any member of our current team through email or mobile phone, that you can find here.

How being a CRT member will benefit me?

The most important thing for you to gain is knowledge and experience! You will be able to work with different people, cooperate with them and prepare yourself for a real work environment. Aside from that you will have the opportunity to meet new people, make long lasting friendships and of course have fun!

What is a Car Budget? Is this money given by the university?

The total amount is 70,000€. A part of our money provided by the university while the rest are covered by sponsorships, either material or financial.

Do you sell the car?

No, this is a research project and belongs to the university.