Meet us

We are the Centaurus Racing Team, a group of students of the University of Thessaly that since 2009 aims to study, design and create single seater cars, able to participate in the world’s largest student engineering competition, the Formula Student.

Our team has participated in numerous competitions with the most recent ones in Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany, which is the most demanding of all, achieving significant distinctions, winning 1st place in Costing and Construction, 2nd place in Business Plan in the Czech Republic and 8th place in Design in Germany among the 60 best teams in the world.

Our team

Our racing single seater cars

To date, the team has designed and created 7 single seater cars and has participated in 14 competitions with significant distinctions. Every year the goal is to improve the car through the study of new materials and technologies.

If you want to know more about our latest single seater car and the field that each subgroup dealt with.
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