Press release: Roll Out & 10 years Centaurus Racing Team

The unveiling of Amphion, the 4th single seater car of CentaurusRacingTeam, took place on Saturday, March 23, 2019, at the Ergon Showground Event Hall, Tsalapatas.

Apart from the unveiling of the new race car, the team celebrated its 10 years of operation, together with alumnis, looking back on both pleasant and unpleasant memories. Of course, the previous three single seater cars could not be missing from the event Рthe other three Centaurs of the team. Chiron is the first car of Centaurus Racing Team, then Nessus the second and  Thireus the third one, while this year the team completed the construction of the 4th Centaur, Amphion, after many hours of study and hard work.


Centaurus Racing Team consists exclusively of students of the University of Thessaly, and since 2009 aims to study, design and create fully functional single seated Formula type cars. In the course of these 10 years of operation, the team has managed to obtain very important distinctions in the Formula Student competitions, having a huge competition from universities abroad that have higher budgets and technical knowledge. This, of course, never stood in the way of the team continuing to strive and win significant distinctions. So this year both Centaurus Racing Team and Amphion, will take part in the Hungarian, Italian and Czech competitions in the Class1 category of the Formula Student competitions.