Formula Student Competitions 2019

Another year has been completed with our return in Greece. It was an unique experience because for the first time the team participated in three competitions in just one year. The beginning of this amazing journey was the competition in Italy in which the team managed to take the 17th place in the general classification, even though the difficulties that the race car faced in the dynamic events due to a problem located at the brakes. Next on was the competition in Germany that was the main target for the team, because it’s a great opportunity to show your skills and potential while gaining knowledge and information while tracking and fixing possible faults. 

In that competition our team facing some of the most widely known universities in the world managed to take the 8th place in the Design Presentation.

Looking forward and being filled with excitement and knowledge we continued for our final destination, the competition in Czech Republic. After every correction and changes that happened based on the feedback from the previous competitions, the team aimed even higher and had become even more competitive. Just like that all of our work was rewarded taking the following places:

Static events :

Cost and manufacturing 1st place 


Business plan presentation 2nd place 


Design presentation 11th place

Dynamic Events :

Acceleration 6th place 

Autocross 6th place 

General Classification 14th place

This is how this year ended, leaving many memories with strong feelings to the members who completed their cycle in the team at the end of the last competition and with even more knowledge and an eager for work for the members continuing  or starting now.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, that support this effort and sponsoring the knowledge and progress, and of course the Thessaly Region that helped us go on this journey. Last but not least we couldn’t forget the parents that understand and support this effort with every way possible.